Books/Articles/DVD on Growing Willow and Living Installations

All the books below are available from Bonnie Gale.
Bonnie Gale is producing a book on her living structures to be released in March 2014

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"Stickwork" by Patrick Dougherty

"Living Willow Form" by Bonnie Gale  |  $20.00

2016. 36 pages, softbound
This book is the culmination of twelve years of work, creating living willow structures and explores the resultant insights. Includes a personal dedication of your choice and signature and date from the artist. Second edition now available. Shipping is $8.50.

"Living Willow Sculpture" by Jon Warnes

"Living Willow Sculpture" by Jon Warnes  |  $23.95

2000. 48 pages, softbound
A must-have British book covering the makings of living willow wigwams, domes, fences, tunnels, chairs, arbors and bowers. Good discussion of working with willows, tools and equipment.

"Slender Reeds, Sturdy Shoots (One Gardener's Almanac)" by Tom Christopher 

"Slender Reeds, Sturdy Shoots (One Gardener's Almanac)"   by Tom Christopher  |  $5.00

2006. 3 pages
A reprint of the article on Bonnie Gale's living willow structures in the March, 2006 issue of "House and Garden Magazine".

"Making Living Willow Sculptures" DVD by Steve Pickup

"Making Living Willow Sculptures" DVD
  by Steve Pickup  
|  $50.00

One hour and 15 minutes
This incredible British DVD covers the construction of a living willow fedge and arch. It is created by Steve Pickup, a master living willow installer form England. Extra features include a gallery of work, tools and materials as well as other structures.

Other resources include the following publications in the Books section

  • "Green Wood for the Garden" by Alan and Gill Bridgewater
    It is another new British book for garden structures. It describes 15 easy weekend projects, and includes a living willow arch, garden borders, and several trellises and arbors. 80 pages. $19.95
  • "Making Bentwood Trellises, Arbors, Gates and Fences" by Jim Long
      A wonderful book with lots of plans. 154 pages. $19.95
  • "Making Twig Garden Furniture" by Abby Ruoff
    It has lots of delightful recipes. 256 pages. $24.95.
  • "Willows -- The Genus Salix" by Christopher Newsholme.
    A most comprehensive survey of willow. 224 pages. $19.95
  • "Basket Willow Culture" by George Lamb.
    A 32 page reprint of the text on growing cultivated willow. $6.50

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