Tools for Basketry


Bodkins are used for inserting stakes and handles into weaving.
Four types for sale:

Regular Basketmaker's Bodkin

Regular Basketmaker's Bodkin |  $85.00

5" x 1/2" This bodkin is completely made by hand with great skill and care. It is the best basketmakers’ bodkin for sale.

Curved Bodkin

Curved Bodkin  |  $42.95

6" x 1/2" Useful in adding stakes sideways to a base.

Thin Bodkin

Thin Bodkin  |  $25.50

5" x 3/8" Useful for fine work.

Mini Bodkin

Mini Bodkin |  $8.50

3" x 1/8" Can be used for holding work to lapboard.

Rapping Iron

Rapping Iron

Rapping Iron  |  $69.00

The rapping iron is used for beating down the weaving. The ring is used to straighten thick rods.

Grease Horn

Grease Horn

Grease Horn  |  $36.00

The steer horn contains cheesecloth soaked in tallow. The bodkin is inserted into the tallow in order to grease it prior to use.

French Curved Knife

French Curved Knife

French Curved Knife |  $37.00

This French Knife is excellent for slyping rods and making scalloms. The Curved Steel blade is of the finest quality. The blade has a locking sleeve when the knife is in use. The blade folds down into the handle when not in use, making for safe storage.

Okatsune 103 Pruning Shears

Okatsune 103 Pruning Shears

Okatsune 103 Pruning Shears   |  $68.00

These pruners are made in Japan with the highest caliber of steel. They rarely need sharpening. They are the BEST!!

Screw Block

Screw Block

Screw Block  |  $19.50

The screw block is used for weaving square lids and bases. 30 inches long. Carriage bolts are included.

Skeining Tools

Skeining is the art of taking large whole willow rods and by using the cleave, shave and upright, reducing the rod to thin even-width strips or skeins.



3-way Cleave  |  $95.00

With a metal tip and wooden handle, this tool splits the willow rod into three parts ready for the shave.


Shave  |  $179.00

The shave facilitates the removal of pith from the cleft skeins. The long blade is set at an angle to the base, allowing a variety of shave widths without the need for manual adjustment. The metal is set in a wooden block for clamping to a bench.


Upright  |  $115.00

The upright is a bank of 5 sets of different width blades allowing the skein to be made with uniform widths.

Willow Brake

Willow Brake

Willow Brake  |  $145.00

For peeling the bark from willow. Instructions included.



Ruler  |  $9.50

Clear ruler. 18 inch / 45 cm. Made by Helix of England.