When I started "English Basketry Willows" in the early 1980's, basketry was in its infancy in the United States and few people had been exposed to the basket willows imported from Europe. The response and interest was very positive and soon thereafter, I searched out the specific traditional willow basketry tools and started collecting books on willow basketry. The finest tools and books have been gathered from many countries.

I visited England (where I had been born) and spent time with professional willow basketmakers in order to learn the skills of traditional willow basketry. The process of education is continual and my commitment to learning the techniques of willow work is for this lifetime. I have developed a repertoire of baskets over the years although much of my time is spent doing custom work. I work in the traditional manner using the traditional tools and working position, and I believe in making strong, functional baskets.

I enjoy sharing my knowledge and travel far afield to teach traditional willow work to Guilds and Conventions. In 1988, I founded the American Willow Growers Network in order to provide a framework for willow growing efforts and an exploration of willow uses in North America. In January 2008, the fee paying part of AWGN was suspended. Newsletters are still available. Since 2004, I have become involved in the design and installation of living willow structures. I live in Central New York, which has a strong legacy of willow growing and willow basketry.

This web site aims to provide a complete resource on willow basketry and living willow structures. As I am an active willow basketmaker and willow grower, I use and can recommend the products that I offer for sale.

Bonnie Gale

Proprietor and Basketmaker