American Willow Growers Network



The American Willow Growers Network was founded in 1988 by Bonnie Gale.
The Goals for the Network, written at that time, are most appropriate today:

"The American Willow Growers Network is a network of people dedicated to the growing and exploration of the great potentials of Salix in an open cooperative manner by the sharing of information, exchanging cuttings and development of the uses of willow.

The aim of the Network is to build a body of knowledge on the growing of willows (the adaptation of different species and cultivars to different climates and growing conditions) and to explore the use of willows (basketry, timber production / biomass, windbreaks, soil stabilization / amelioration, and special uses). This knowledge will be accumulated through an annual Network Survey of growing activities the previous year. There is an annual Newsletter."



As of January 2008, the membership part of the American Willow Growers Network has been suspended. Back issues of the Newsletters are available for purchase at $8 each. AWGN is still committed to act as a research and information resource for the use and development of willow in North America. Please contact us with your questions and information.



Newsletter No. 1 (1989)

• From the Editor;
• The Connection between Hurdling, Pollarding and Live Fences;
• A Willow Whistle (how to make one);
• Sources of Ornamental and Other Willows;
• Australian Wonder Willow Hybrid for Windbreaks and Fodder;
• A Word or Two on the Subject of Streamco Willow;
• Five Willows Domesticated for Marketing;
• Willow as a Rooting Medium;
• A Member Writes...;
• Willow Scab and Willow Blight;
• On the Question of Spacing of Cultivated Basket Willows;
• Some Basic Identification of Basketry Willow (Winter buds/Summer leaves);
• 1988 Survey Results;
• Some Basic Willow Growing and Harvesting Information;
• Making a Willow Basket with your Home-Grown Willows;
• Teachers and Workshops in Willow Basketry;
• News from Home... .

Newsletter No. 2 (1990)

• From the Editor;
• In the News...;
• The Identification of Willows (6 pages of taxonomy);
• Basketry in the Garden (fence, trellis, plant protectors);
• Big Cuttings and Little Cuttings;
• New Native Willow Cultivars for the Pacific Northwest;
• On the Issue of Genetic Eco-types and Cross Cultures;
• The Pro's and Cons of Black Plastic in Willow Culture;
• Some Mulch Products;
• The Willow Collection in New Zealand;
• Historical Publications on the Growing of Willows.

Newsletter No. 3 (1991)

• From the Editor;
• The Mulch Debate Continues...;
• Willow Tea for Rooting Rhododendron Cuttings;
• Dyeing Willow;
• The Spirit of Basketmaking Willows;
• Use of Wild Willow in Basketry;
• The Giant Willow Aphid;
• "New Forms in Willow" International Conference (1991);
• Anyone Out There Growing Willows for Sale to the Floral Industry?;
• A Trial Patch of Basketry Willows;
• 1990 Survey Results;
• Willow Exchange;
• Some Bits and Pieces;
• Bringing Home the Willow;
• Notes on the AWGN Willows.

Newsletter No. 4 (1992)

• From the Editor;
• Response to Newsletter No. 3 (and No. 2);
• Propagation of Basket Willows;
• 1991 Survey Results;
• Willow Plantings Bring Out New Twist to Erosion Control;
• Make a Willow Lunch Basket (how to);
• Willow Exchange;
• Basket Apprentice;
• Planting Trees for Fuel;
• Production and Utilization of Short Rotation Willow Coppice;
• Willow in the Service of Man (7 pages);
• Bits and Pieces;
• Willow Playhouses;
• Willow Basketmaking in the Amana Colonies, Iowa;
• Insects and Diseases of Willow;
• Willow Basketry Classes;
• Build a Bentwood Trellis;
• Developing Willow Pollards.

Newsletter No. 5 (1993-1994)

• From the Editor;
• Diary of Willow Gathering;
• Exploring the Genus Salix;
• Tully May Shelter New Fuel Source;
• Willow Weaver's Time Zone;
• Living Willow Fence;
• 1992 Survey Results;
• Is it a Smell or an Aroma...;
• Willow Exchange;
• Willow Furniture Resources;
• The Green Willow Garland;
• Bits and Pieces;
• Willow Fencing;
• Willow Sculpture.

Newsletter No. 6 (1994-1995)

• From the Editor;
• Continuations from Newsletter No. 5;
• My Willow Growing Experience;
• A Growing Basket;
• More on Willow Playhouses, Hurdles and Sculpture;
• Stabilization of Silt Ponding Lagoons with Willows Using Salimat Technique;
• Some Willow Furniture Makers;
• A How-to-Article: Willow Herb Drying Rack;
• Willow Furniture Resources;
• Treasury of Trees: A Consolation of Willows;
• Basket Willow Growing in 1857;
• A Cure for Weeds in Willows Beds--Weed-X??;
• Willow Exchange;
• 1993 Survey Results;
• Willow Activities at the Greenwood Trust;
• Bits and Pieces;
• Groups Work to Improve Stream Habitat.

Newsletter No. 7 (1996)

From the Editor;
Willow Exchange;
Willow News from the Pacific Northwest;
Planting Willow Cuttings via Hydraulic Jetting;
The Willow Museum in Liverpool, New York;
1994 Survey Results;
A How-to Article - Willow Dreamcatcher;
Trellises with Jim Long;
The Bindweed Caper;
A Pattern: Willow Baby Rattle;
Willow Weekend - 1995;
Willow Sculpture Summer Fun;
Making Willow Splints by Native American Women;
Bits and Pieces.

Newsletter No. 8  (1997)

From the Editor;
Willow Exchange;
Travel in England;
Ornamental Willows;
British Willow Sculpture -Serena de la Hey;
Basketry from Near and Far;
Making Willow Cuttings;
1995 Survey Results;
Beat Rust Naturally;
Pattern for Willow Backpack by Bonnie Gale;
Bits and Pieces.

Newsletter No. 9  (1998)

From the Editor;
Willow Exchange;
1996 Survey Results;
Willow Whistles;
Willow Growing in Maine;
Making Willow Cuttings;
The Giant Aphid and Wasp;
Willow Planting Guide from the Chenango County Soil and Water Conservation   and Water Conservation District, New York;
How to Build and Operate a Drawing Charcoal Kiln for Schools;
Willow Growing Notes from a Member;
Building Willow Living Fences;
"The Salt Museum Resource Packet:  A History of Willow Basket Weaving";
Bits and Pieces.

Newsletter No. 10  (1999)

From the Editor;
Willow Exchange;
1997 Survey Results;
Willow Biomass Project;
1998 Willow Festival in Manhattan;
Duffy Hart, Rustic Furniture Maker;
Willow Haikus & Tanka;
The Work of Barbara Guy Long, Wattle Artist;
Making Willow Cuttings;
Bits and Pieces.

Newsletter No. 11  (2000)

From the Editor;
Willow Dreams Farm;
Can Willow Clean Contaminated Soils?;
Strip the Willow - A Dance;
1998 Survey Results;
Pussy Willow Ranch;
Willow Growing and Willow Thoughts;
Willow Exchange;
How to Make Willow Cards;
The Secrets of Willow;
Two Willow Festivals;
Bits and Pieces.

Newsletter No. 12  (2001)

From the Editor;
Steve Pickup and his Living Willow Structures;
Proposed AWGN Workshops with Steve Pickup in Fall, 2001;
Willow Growing and Willow Thoughts;
Harvey Jackson's Chair;
Willow Exchange;
Applications of Willow in Art, Technology and the Environment;
How to Plant a Living Lattice Willow Fence;
1999 Survey Results;
Bits and Pieces.

Newsletter No. 13  (2002)

From the Editor;
Celebration of American Basketry Exhibit 2001;
Branching out in Solihull;
Pattern: Skeined Willow Earrings;
Willow Exchange;
Caterpillars on Willows in Missouri;
Coursework: Hurdlemaking;
2000 Survey Results;
A New Member Writes;
Bits and Pieces.

Newsletter No. 14  (2003)

From the Editor;
My Willow Adventures;
Pattern-Rustic Willow Seat;
The Continuing Willows in Missouri;
Willow Exchange;
2001 Survey Results;
A California Member Writes;
Living Willow Installations by Patrick Dougherty;
Pattern-Toilet Paper Basket;
Willow Weekend;
Willow Seen as Energy Plant;
Bits and Pieces.

Newsletter No. 15  (2004)

From the Editor;
The Continuing Willow Story in Missouri;
A Willow Lament;
English Hoop Pot Trellis Kit;
Magic Wands;
Willow Biomass Project Continues to Grow;
Willow Exchange;
Bits and Pieces.

Newsletter No. 16  (2005-2007)

From the Editor;
Trail Heads/Patrick Dougherty;
Willow Diary;
One Gardener's Almanac-Slender Rods/Sturdy Shoots;
Growing Report;
Flying Anyone?;
The Truggery, UK;
Multiple Benefits of Willow Energy Crops;
Vegetal Buildings;
Willow Mazes;
Hurdles for PA Free People Store;
Basket willows for NZ Ethanol;
My Living Willow Installations;
Back Issues.