Techniques in Willow Basketry

"Willow Work" by Mary Butcher

"Willow Work" by Mary Butcher  |  $24.95

1995.  64 pages, softbound
This revised edition of one of the finest English technique books, gives step-by-step instructions for the making of 13 baskets, each building on previous skills and introducing new ones. Full explanation in text and prolific diagrams.  Imported directly from England--not available elsewhere.

"The Complete Book of Baskets and Basketry"  by Dorothy Wright

"The Complete Book of Baskets and Basketry"
  by Dorothy Wright
  |  $27.95

1992 printing of the 1983 edition.  208 pages, hardbound
A classic text covering many materials but with an emphasis on willow.  The preparation of the material is followed by a discussion of tools, weaves, bases, borders, handles and some recipes. There is a special design section and excellent historical coverage with extensive photographs.

"The Complete Book of Basketry Techniques" by Sue Gabriel and Sally Goymer

"The Complete Book of Basketry Techniques"
  by Sue Gabriel and Sally Goymer
 |  $29.95

1999.  176 pages, softbound
This book commences with a discussion of the range of materials and basketry forms. There is a chapter on each of the following techniques:  bases and staking up; weaves; borders; handles; lids, fastenings and fittings.  This is a basic reference book.

"Willow Basketry" by Bernard and Regula Verdet-Fierz

"Willow Basketry"
  by Bernard and Regula Verdet-Fierz
  |  $35.95

1993.  355 pages, hardbound 
A very complete textbook on willow basketry by a Swiss willow basketmaker, illustrated with woodcut drawings. This book discusses growing willows; preparation; tools; techniques and the making of round, oval and square baskets.  A magnificent book.  Good value for the money.

"Willow Basket-Work" by A. G. Knock

"Willow Basket-Work" by A. G. Knock  |  $20.00

1979.  51 pages, softbound
A classic text on willow basketmaking, covering materials and equipment; technical terms; methods of weaving; borders and handles; skein, round, oval and rectangular work. A practical and very well-written manual for the student with some knowledge who wishes to fully explore all aspects and choices.  This book is out of print and copies are limited.

"The Ultimate Basket Book" by Lyn Siler 

"The Ultimate Basket Book" by Lyn Siler  |  $19.95

2006. 192 pages, softbound
This wonderful new book is subtitled "A Cornucopia of Popular Designs to Make." The book contains detailed instructions for over 40 different baskets.  Bonnie Gale's "Willow Field Basket" is covered on pages 85-90 with full instructions and lots of diagrams. The bushel basket measures 19 inches in diameter by 14 inches tall and is made of unpeeled willow.

"Wisconsin Willow-Adventures of a Basketmaker" by Char TerBeest 

"Wisconsin Willow-Adventures of a Basketmaker"
  by Char TerBeest
  |  $9.95

1985.  45 pages, softbound
This book is partly a personal and spiritual journey of harvesting wild willows in Wisconsin.  There is a catalogue of baskets using the material and instructions for making some styles.

"Handmade Baskets" by Susie Vaughan

"Handmade Baskets" by Susie Vaughan  |  $24.95

1994.  80 pages, softbound
This English book shows how to gather your own materials from the countryside, including willow, and step-by-step how to make a range of baskets with different color bark materials. Full-color diagrams and photographs guide the making.

"Willow Basketry for the Very Beginner"by Joanna Schanz

"Willow Basketry for the Very Beginner"
  by Joanna Schanz
  |  $16.95

1996.  64 pages, softbound 
This book introduces the making of willow baskets using wooden bases.  Terms, tools, and sources of willow are followed by 18 projects involving exposed, enclosed and bare bottom baskets.

"Weave, Coil and Plait - Crafty Containers from Recycled Materials" by Lois Walpole

"Weave, Coil and Plait - Crafty Containers from Recycled   Materials" by Lois Walpole  |  $25.95

1997.  80 pages, softbound
Using recycled and inexpensive materials, this book show how to make a wealth of brightly colored containers and baskets. Ideas for teaching to children.

"Paper Illuminated" by Helen Hiebert

"Paper Illuminated" by Helen Hiebert  |  $19.95

2001.  134 pages, softbound
A full discussion of papermaking, followed by 15 projects for making handcrafted luminaria, lanterns, screens, lampshades and window treatments.

"Magic Lanterns" by Mary Maguire

"Magic Lanterns" by Mary Maguire  |  Out of Print

2002.  96 pages, softbound 
A brilliant British book with over 18 detailed patterns for willow/paper lanterns, from flowers, moon to large scale fish.

"Willow Weaving" by Truus Stol and Janny Roelofsen

"Willow Weaving"
  by Truus Stol and Janny Roelofsen  
|  $19.95

2004. 48 pages, softbound
The authors live in the Netherlands and have put together a very interesting book of woven willow birds, animals, hanging baskets and boats. Full recipes and many photos and diagrams.