Bonnie Gale teaches workshops on living willow installation in the Norwich, NY area--please inquire for scheduled dates. Each workshop is independent of the others. Participants will actually have the experience of building installations in a group setting outdoors. There will be tours of several existing living installations by Bonnie Gale in the area including a local willow bed. Students will have some classroom time followed by discussion and layout of an installation: ground cover; the three design components; rod selection; planting; weaving; tying; watering; and maintenance. Students will build a basic fedge followed by other structures. Students will also have the opportunity to explore the building of hurdles, pea cages, garden borders and trellises. There will be a small materials fee for removable structures taken home.

For further information about living willow structures by Bonnie Gale, please visit her website There is a full listing of all her living structures as well as lots of images and details.


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