Historical Willow Basketry

"International Basketry" by Christoph Will

"International Basketry" by Christoph Will   |  $19.95

1983. 192 pages, softbound 
Through the use of thousands of photographs, this large book illustrates the tremendous range of fine historical European willow work, including pack baskets and very fine skein work.

"Osier Culture and Basket Making" by Patrick Smyth

"Osier Culture and Basket Making"
  by Patrick Smyth
 |  $18.95

1991. 72 pages, softbound 
Documents the willow growing and basketry craft in SW County Antrim, Northern Ireland in the early twentieth century.

"Baskets and Basketmaking" by Alastair Heseltine

"Baskets and Basketmaking" by Alastair Heseltine  |  $12.50

1982.  32 pages, softbound 
A small and interesting volume with extensive photographs discussing willow cultivation, processing and historical development.  The making of a large round willow farm basket is then shown step-by-step using many photographs and drawings.

"Willow Basketry of the Amana Colonies"

"Willow Basketry of the Amana Colonies"
  by Joanna Schanz
  |  $8.95

1986.  96 pages, softboun
With the use of many photographs, this book documents the historic willow baskets and basketmaking families of the Amana Colonies in Iowa.  Modern basketmakers are featured and patterns for six willow baskets are given.