Standard Baskets

Please note that these baskets are only a sampling of the full range of baskets made by Bonnie Gale. For specific needs, including historical reproductions, please inquire.

Baby Rattle by Bonnie Gale

Baby Rattle

3 inches long$35

The rattle is ancient in origin with the 7 willows representing the 7 virtues and the pebbles representing the 7 sins. Makes an ideal gift and comes with a card explaining the "sins'' and virtues". Parental care recommended.

Spoon and Candle Basket by Bonnie Gale

Spoon/Candle Basket

4 inches in diameter by 9 inches | $52

This basket is made with naturally colored willows and is ideal for hanging on a wall for spoons or candles.

"Early American Life" Lunch Basket by Bonnie Gale

"Early American Life" Lunch Basket

12 inches in diameter and 12 inches tall | $78

This basket was specifically designed for the "Early American Life" magazine in October 1992. It is made in unpeeled willow.

Sciob Basket by Bonnie Gale


16 inches in diameter by 4 inches | $89

This classic Irish potato straining basket makes an ideal gift.

English Square Shopper by Bonnie Gale

English Square Shopper

11 inches by 15 inches by 12 inches | $135

This classic English shopper is made in unpeeled willow.

Bushel Basket by Bonnie Gale
Bushel Basket by Bonnie Gale

Bushel Basket  

20 inches in diameter by 14 inches tall$225

A functional basket made in unpeeled willow with a replaceable
foot and two roped handles.

Laundry Basket by Bonnie Gale

Laundry Basket

29 inches by 19 inches by 14 inches $225

A truly functional and classic laundry basket made in peeled willow.

Polish Arm Basket by Bonnie Gale

Polish Arm Basket

15 inches by 9 inches by 20 inches$250

A lovely arm basket in buff and white willow of Polish origin.

Fishing Creel  Basket by Bonnie Gale
Fishing Creel detail

Fishing Creel   

7 inches by 10 inches by 9 inches | $275

A beautiful creel made in buff willow with a three part leather/brass harness. The lid includes a willow twig slide and hole for fish.

Monster Garden Basket by Bonnie Gale

Monster Garden Basket

14 inches by 19 inches by 13 inches |  $265

This large oval basket, made in unpeeled willow, features four carved
and notched feet inserted into the weaving of the basket. A large border and double wrapped handle add to the sturdy "monster" nature. This basket was originally designed by Alastair Heseltine.

Willow Backpack by Bonnie Gale

Willow Backpack

13 inches by 18 inches by 15 inches |  $250

This backpack basket is made in unpeeled willow and has an adjustable leather/brass harness.

Heirloom Basket by Bonnie Gale

Heirloom Basket

19 inches by 22 inches by 17 inches |  $275

This Heirloom basket was specifically designed for the 2009 Heirloom show of the "Cultivating Life" series shown on PBS television. In that segment, Bonnie Gale shows how to make the basket from scratch. The basket is made of two types of unpeeled willow. This basket is strong and beautiful and will hold all your heirloom flowers, fruits and veggies.