Custom Design

Bonnie Gale is available to take on commissions for custom design work. Please contact her with your project. A description of three examples of her work is included below. Download Portfolio (.pdf)

Hurdles by Bonnie Gale
Hurdles by Bonnie Gale
Hurdles by Bonnie Gale
Hurdles by Bonnie Gale


Anthropologie/Urban Outfitters Store
Suburban Square, Philadelphia

In January 2006, Bonnie Gale was commissioned to design and build four hurdles (8 feet by 4 feet and 3 feet by 4 feet) to surround a copper trough (to hold plants) for the new Urban Outfitters Store in Suburban Square, Philadelphia. A massive screwblock was designed and built to hold the vertical stakes of the hurdles for weaving. The hurdles were then transported and installed on site.

Commemorative Willow Basket by Bonnie Gale

Martha Washington's Love Letters Basket

Mount Vernon, Virginia

In October 2007, Bonnie was commissioned by the Mount Vernon Estate to build a buff willow basket to specifically hold Martha Washington's love letters in an educational exhibit at Mount Vernon.

Sculpture Proposal by Bonnie Gale

"The Caring of Taiwan"

Guandu International
Outdoor Sculpture Festival, Taiwan

In December 2007, Bonnie created the following design proposal for the Guandu International Outdoor Sculpture Festival in Taiwan. The theme of the competition was "Global Warming". Bonnie aimed to create a highly interactive and significant installation. Bonnie entitled the installation proposal "The Caring of Taiwan".

Artist Statement

“Global warming is a worldwide phenomenon of the effects of human industrial abuse on the natural ecosystems (plants and animals are threatened as their habitats are destroyed or they are hunted to extinction), which has now developed into the potential destruction of human ecosystems (climate change with droughts, rising sea levels, limited resources). In order to save and protect all forms of life, human intervention for the caring and protection of the planet is necessary, at all levels. Humans need to develop adaptability for change of the status quo and not to be held back from individually acting for the common good. My installation, entitled “The Caring of Taiwan” invites the public to actively participate in the making of good choices for the caring of the environment in Taiwan.”

“As an installation artist, I engage in the creation of defi ned and contained space around a theme of relaxation, play, movement, shelter, art, boundary or interest. In this installation, I want the public to understand the signifi cance of their own country, Taiwan, and the caring of their home. The starting point for the installation is the building of a series of defi ned parallel pathways that are the outline of the island of Taiwan. This structure is entitled The Maze of Taiwan and the fences are 3 feet tall made of bundles of phragmites. The public will need to enter and walk along these defi ned pathways (and hence walk the shape of their country twice) in order to enter the center of the installation. In the center of the installation, will be a series of three interactive exhibits: The Care of the Sea Levels; The Care of the Living Earth and The Caring Wall. Care of the Sea Levels is a typographic model of Taiwan made with shaved phragmites in a container with the ability to have fluctuating levels of water representing changes in sea level. The public will be invited to remove some of the water from this exhibit in order that the human population on the island is not threatened, metaphorically. The water removed can then need to be added to the second exhibit: Care of the Living Earth. This exhibit is a living globe of phragmites that will need watering to be kept alive. Thirdly, The Caring Wall is a long wall of phragmites showing the whole span of death/disintegration at one end to life at the other end. One end of the Wall will start with loose and scattered stems of phragmites; as the wall progresses, it will increase in thickness with upright reed and at the far end the dead phragmites will be overtaken with live plants. The public will view this progression and be asked to water the live reed, in order to keep it alive.”

“In this installation, I aim to show the choice inherent in global warming: death/disintegration or life. The elements of water and phragmites in this installation have been chosen with purpose and are good metaphors for the issues on our planet. Water is needed for the living phragmites but it is also a major issue with rising sea levels. Phragmites australis, abundant at the Nature Park, has had great value for many native cultures in the form of food, jewelry, weapons, weaving material, boats and musical instruments. But nowadays, it is often considered to be invasive as it grows well in areas of disturbance and environmental stresses. Yet, it is now being found that it has potential for bioremediation and wetland stabilization and rehabilitation. I plan to use phragmites, in combination with water, as a live medium in this installation. The issue of balanced use is inherent in both of these materials.”

Heirloom Basket by Bonnie Gale

Heirloom Basket

19 inches by 22 inches by 17 inches

This Heirloom basket was specifically designed for the 2009 Heirloom show of the "Cultivating Life" series shown on PBS television. In that segment, Bonnie Gale shows how to make the basket from scratch. The basket is made of two types of unpeeled willow. This basket is strong and beautiful and will hold all your heirloom flowers, fruits and veggies.

The base is a 7 by 7 slath made with stout 7 foot unpeeled willow rods and woven in pairing weave with thin 5 foot rods. A decorative ring of steamed brown willow is included in the base. The sides of the basket are curved upwards as the weaving progresses. A set of additional thick 5 foot rods are added to the base that allow for a three rod wale and a 4-behind-2 rod border. A double rod handle is then added and wrapped from both directions. The unpeeled willow is naturally water and dirt resistant. This basket is for sale (please see the Standard Basket section).